We stock a variety of accessories for all the instruments we sell. We have strings, stands, cases, mutes, bows, cleaning products, capos, slides, straps plus plenty more.

Scayles is now part of Hobgoblin Music. The Scayles website will relaunch next year but in the meantime, all of our products and stock availability can be found at

We offer a 20% discount on all box quantities of string sets and woodwind reeds!

Alto sax and clarinet reeds usually come in boxes of 10 and tenor and baritone reeds usually come in boxes of 5.
String sets usually come in boxes of 10 or 12. Different sizes and brands or reeds can be mixed and you will still receive a 20% discount as long as it adds up to a box quantity. The same applies to different string gauges.

Gift Vouchers
We offer gift vouchers in store for any amount. Click Here for more information.